Sports Direct (t) 0845 129 9230 (e)

Did you buy something recently from Sports Direct and wish to return it or make a complaint about it?

Or did you order a product online and wait in all day only for it not to arrive at the designated delivery time?

Have no fear! It’s easy to get in touch with Sports Direct’s customer services team by email or by phone, for a speedy lodging of your case and (fingers crossed) and speedy satisfactory resolution.

To contact Sports Direct by phone, simply call 0845 129 9230. This is their UK-wide customer service helpline. Alternatively, you can call your local branch directly – this is best if you ordered from that store, but phone the number above if you ordered online.

To email Sports Direct, send your email to this address: – CS means customer services, and they’re always at your service on this address.

Sports Direct (customer service staff)

Contact Sports Direct UK customer services on phone number 0845 129 9230, for urgent help with complaints and general enquiries.