Man Utd / Old Trafford (t) 0161 868 8000

To contact Manchester United Football Club (MUFC) and their stadium Old Trafford about tickets or events, phone 0161 868 8000 if calling from within the UK else dial +44 161 868 8000 if calling from abroad.

Why host your event in Old Trafford?

Whether you’re attending a match or arranging a business or personal function, the Old Trafford football ground boasts exceptional facilities and staff ideal for your needs. World class hospitality including a decades long record in hosting some of England’s most thrilling football matches mean that regardless of if you’re after attending a footy game, or want to arrange a wedding, family or business function, the Old Trafford ground will meet and exceed your desires.

Versatility and capacity

Those enjoying wedding receptions and business seminars at Old Trafford tend to, in surveys, highlight the atmosphere present in the ground. The many trophies and plates which Man U have gathered line their corridor, while the many raucous times there confer an atmosphere of electricity, momentousness and joy befitting of any special occasion or productive meeting. Catering services are available, with seating capacity in the main event rooms surpassing 100.

More ways to contact Manchester United / Old Trafford

If you don’t fancy phoning them on 0161 868 8000, try one of the following alternate contact methods.

Email their customer service desk

If you’d prefer to email Manchester United Football Club about your tickets, send your email to

If you want to email about an event booking, write to

Send postal mail

If you’d like to post feedback to the club about a match or function you’ve attended, you can write directly to the Old Trafford football ground’s customer service staff at this address:

Manchester United,
Sir Matt Busby Way,
Old Trafford,
M16 0RA.